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People with Positivity in their CliftonStrengths profile enjoy seeing others smile. They relish the moment when others' eyes light up. They love to see people being encouraged. They enjoy being in environments that are full of laughter and positive energy. They like to keep things light-hearted and can keep their sense of humor even during intense discussions. Leaders who have the Positivity talent theme believe that meetings can be very productive without being overly serious or bordering on being solemn. They intentionally create space for laughter and fun during meetings and discussions. People with Positivity are often seen as being optimistic about life and see the glass as half-full. This quote by former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill sums up the belief of those with Positivity: “a pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty." 

The genius of Positivity talents is found in the highly contagious positive emotional energy these individuals give off. People's spirits are lifted up because of the presence of those with Positivity. Those with Positivity are generous with their praise and the smile on their face is their signature. They offer encouragement to diffuse the negativity of setbacks. They inject positive energy and fun into work situations to make others feel more enthusiastic. They love to celebrate birthdays and other important events. They enjoy highlighting personal and team successes to make sure people see the victories and are kept motivated to move forward.

In Strengths School™ Singapore, we face many challenges in the course of business and weather the usual conflicts among colleagues. Thankfully, we can always count on Mr Positivity Jason Ho to lighten the mood. From buying snacks to cracking a random joke, from celebrating a success to giving encouragement, Jason never fails to create laughter in the office every day. That is his natural leadership style. The positive energy in the office keeps everyone relaxed amidst the pressure and bonds the team.

How can a person with Positivity turn this talent into a Strength? Here are a few suggestions:


Positivity comes out best when the mind is free from worry. Even those with Positivity can find it hard to focus on positive thinking when their minds are bombarded with anxiety! It is easy to become anxious in a world where the list of demands keeps growing. People feel like they have 'not enough' - not enough time, not enough talent, not enough resources - and comparison with others fuels anxieties and unnecessary worries. 

One practical way to resist the "lack" mentality is to find something to give thanks for every day. This discipline helps one to be grateful for the things they have and reduces the temptation of constantly wanting more. By developing an attitude of gratitude, those with Positivity empower themselves to keep their spirits high. They can then be the voice of hope and encouragement to many, especially those overwhelmed by (often unnecessary) worries.


People with Positivity can be easily drained and affected by those who regularly exhibit toxic behaviors. Naysayers typically use words that are unkind, malicious and critical. They are consistently complaining, which can drain others emotionally and mentally. With naysayers, even encouragements can be labelled as pretentious and affirmations seen as flattery. 

People with Positivity would do well to avoid naysayers and to engage them 1-1 only when necessary. In situations when naysayers cannot be avoided, it would be helpful for people with Positivity to build in a feedback mechanism by inviting close friends or trusted aides to sound out if they sense that the positive energy and the optimistic spirit is lacking. With greater awareness, people with Positivity can become more aware of how much engagement with different naysayers can dampen their spirit. Engagement levels in terms of time and intensity with these naysayers can then be adjusted accordingly.  


Partner those with Restorative
People with Restorative are able to spot and tackle problems that arise. In contrast, people with Positivity are able to be good cheerleaders who strive to keep team morale high. Such a partnership helps to keep the team's spirit up even while addressing problems, so that team members don't become demotivated when facing challenges.

Partner those with Command
People with Command create clarity for themselves and for others by polarizing right and wrong behaviors. They give their frank and objective assessments when deciding who to trust. Sometimes, they are misread as being heartless. People with Positivity prefer to see the good in people and are often more trusting. Sometimes, they are misread as being naive. A partnership between those with Command and Positivity creates a powerful dynamic that helps overcome each other's blind spots.

Partner with Developers
Developers enjoy seeing people grow. They highlight milestones of progress in others' journey. They believe that every step taken towards a goal can be celebrated, no matter how big or small. By partnering with Developers, those with Positivity can be intentionally engaged to bring their contagious positive energy to the people who might be struggling in the journey to reach their goals. Such a partnership empowers those with Positivity to do what they are good at - giving a sense of optimism and hope - while those with Developer can channel the positive energy to little initiatives that spur others on towards growth.

Concluding thoughts: In a world where tangible achievement and concrete deliverables are prized, team morale is an area often neglected by leaders. Nonetheless, it is widely acknowledged that productivity can be boosted by raising the spirits of the team. By leveraging on their natural talent to spread positive energy contagiously, you can count on those with Positivity to boost morale and create an environment where work is fun and enjoyable.

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Written by Victor Seet

Activator • Communication • Strategic • Self-Assurance • Command

As a Gallup Certified StrengthsFinder coach, Victor is passionate about strengths engagement and now runs his own training company, Strengths School™ ( He has been actively giving StrengthsFinder leadership and team building workshops to businesses and schools in Singapore as well as Hong Kong, China (Shanghai) and India.  


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