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“You are capable of so much more!"

Those with Developer in their CliftonStrengths results desire to see people grow from strength to strength. The genius of Developer talents lies in the ability to see the unfulfilled potential in people and to actively invest in nurturing others towards development. Developers see the infinite possibilities for growth. They desire to share their experiences, their life lessons and their little nuggets of wisdom with others so that they can experience growth and future successes. They often make great mentors. 

Developers are known to be patient with others, especially those that they actively invest in. They understand that time is a necessary ingredient for people to try out new experiences and grow. They understand that time is necessary for people to pick up new skills. They understand that time is necessary for people to process their past failures and to bounce back. Developers are good cheerleaders. They get excited when they see signs of growth in the people around them and they continually cheer them onwards. 

In Strengths School™ Singapore, our vision is akin to the innate desire of a Developer - “Seeing every generation live out their full potential.” We believe that every individual, young or old, has the potential to reach what he or she was made for. We seek to empower people to know what they are good at to begin the journey of fulfilling their greatest potential. 

How can a person with Developer turn this talent into a Strength? Here are a few suggestions:


While being a Developer means there is an innate desire to see others grow, it requires intentionality and taking active steps to invest into the lives of others. For Developers to grow towards maturity, it is important to be doing what they do best - developing people. Be proactive in identifying people around you that you can mentor or coach. This could be people at work or people in the community. Start by building a relationship. Share your personal success stories and also failures. Impart skills.

When imparting skills, consider this 6-step process in developing others: tell them what the skills are for, tell them why the skill set is important, show them how to execute, let them execute on their own, debrief the experience with them, and encourage them to teach others. 

In a mentoring or coaching relationship, identify growth milestones. Milestones can start from completing certain activities such as “facilitate a team discussion” or “share a 5-minute presentation” to a more advanced level of “teach someone to facilitate a team discussion.” For every milestone that is reached, a Developer would do well to celebrate the success of the mentoree.


There is a saying that goes, “You cannot lead others until you can lead yourself.” As Developers, it is important to ensure that you are making good progress to grow yourself. The sense of personal growth provides the impetus to share the growth journey with others. Many Developers struggle to grow this talent because the lack of personal development. There are a variety of ways to grow oneself. It can be learning from others who are inspiring and finding a personal mentor or coach. It can also mean having the discipline of reading or journaling. Growing oneself is also about establishing a system of personal development that is customized to suit the individual. Be committed to grow yourself in order to grow others.


Partner those with Input
People with Input are those who love to collect and share resources to empower others. Partnering with Input allows Developers to find the different resources that they might need to equip those they are mentoring or coaching. This is helpful especially for people who are new to a subject or to an environment. Resources such as a standard operating procedure or a learning guide can be easily obtained from those with Input and shared accordingly. Such resources empower Developers to be more effective in growing others.

Partner with Activators
Activators love to start new initiatives and help a team build momentum. In short, they push others forward. Developers have a nurturing heart and desire to lend a hand to those who might be struggling. In short, they pull others forward. In a team, such a partnership gives the team a unique edge in empowerment. Those who are motivated and driven will be challenged by the Activators to push forward. Those who might be weaker will have the opportunity to learn and grow and be mentored by the Developers. 

Partner with Maximizers
Maximizers tend to focus on growing the results and identifying the best people for specific roles. Developers tend to focus on growing the people and providing opportunities for people to gain experience to grow. Establishing such a partnership creates a healthy tension within a team when it comes to assigning roles and responsibilities. Decision-making becomes more robust as a result.

Concluding thoughts: Many organizations and teams struggle to empower their staff. Many human resources are wasted because the potential of individual team members is not harnessed. This is one key reason why Developers should be highly valued. They are those who love to nurture others and unlock their potential. They believe in the philosophy of empowerment and training. You can count on them to be good mentors and pass on what they know to others!

Victor Seet StrengthsFinder Coach of Strengths School StrengthsFinder Singapore

Written by Victor Seet

Activator • Communication • Strategic • Self-Assurance • Command

As a Gallup certified Strengthsfinder coach, Victor is passionate about strengths engagement and now runs his own training company, Strengths School™ ( He has been actively giving Strengthsfinder leadership and team building workshops to businesses and schools in Singapore as well as Hong Kong, China (Shanghai) and India.  


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