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People exceptionally talented in the Context StrengthsFinder theme enjoy thinking about the past. They understand the present by researching its history.

You look back. You look back because that is where the answers lie. You look back to understand the present. From your vantage point the present is unstable, a confusing clamor of competing voices. It is only by casting your mind back to an earlier time, a time when the plans were being drawn up, that the present regains its stability. The earlier time was a simpler time. It was a time of blueprints. As you look back, you begin to see these blueprints emerge. You realize what the initial intentions were. These blueprints or intentions have since become so embellished that they are almost unrecognizable, but now this Context StrengthsFinder theme reveals them again. This understanding brings you confidence. No longer disoriented, you make better decisions because you sense the underlying structure. You become a better partner because you understand how your colleagues came to be who they are. And counterintuitively you become wiser about the future because you saw its seeds being sown in the past. Faced with new people and new situations, it will take you a little time to orient yourself, but you must give yourself this time. You must discipline yourself to ask the questions and allow the blueprints to emerge because no matter what the situation, if you haven’t seen the blueprints, you will have less confidence in your decisions.

The genius of the Context talent is reflected in your unique ability to remember the past and to appreciate that the seeds of “new” are often found in the old.

The genius of your Context StrengthsFinder theme is found in the way you think about the past and use that form of thinking to learn, plan and solve problems. The present is important to you, but in your mind, the present is best understood by seeking to understand what has led up to it. Thus, your mind often goes backwards and looks for what has caused what we are experiencing today. This look to the past gives great wisdom for understanding the present and forms the basis for making informed decisions and plans in the present and for the future. The genius of your Context way of thinking provides you with the basis for making high-quality decisions and plans, and for problem-solving. In addition, as you apply the genius of your Context way of thinking when you learn, you will learn with great understanding, which results in high achievement.



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