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Friendships mean a lot to you. When you make a friend, you make every effort to maintain that friendship. You like to make new friends and expand the circle not just for yourself, but for others as well.

There are many ways to be good at relating. You might easily meet new people, learn their names, and make friends quickly wherever you go. You might take more time to make friends but be good at building long-lasting friendships. You might do both. If you make friends quickly, people probably view you as happy, outgoing, and instantly likeable. If you would rather spend time with a small group of friends talking, laughing, or just being together, these friends might see you as a best friend they can trust and talk to.

You might be best at relating with teachers, parents, and other adults, and they can help you learn and feel good about yourself. Whatever your style of relating, people like you and relationships are important to you.

If you have Relating in your Strengths Explorer themes, you like to start friendships and keep them for a long time – maybe even your whole life. You widen the circle of friends for yourself and others.

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