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Vivian is a Gallup Certified StrengthsFinder® Coach and part of the Corporate Advisory arm of Strengths School™. Having lived and worked in Taiwan and China for over 16 years, Vivian has a keen understanding of the nuances of both Western and Eastern cultures. This has enabled her to effectively learn and adapt to multicultural environments and develop her bilingual communication abilities and relationship-building skills.

Through her past working experience in Public Relations, Tech Startups, Marketing, and Event Management, Vivian thrives when ideas are being thrown around and built upon. She contributes great positive energy and a creative spark to the discussions and teams she is part of. Because of her ability to build depth and genuine caring in both her personal and professional lives, Vivian is a skilled and dynamic facilitator who has successfully facilitated workshops for organizations such as Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS), Property Guru, Agency for Integrated Care (AIC), Singapore Tourism Board (STB), Synechron Business Consulting, Marriott International, Roche and Johnson&Johnson.

With Developer as one of her top 5 strengths, Vivian enjoys sharing her experiences and life lessons with others so others may experience growth and future success. It energizes her to see signs of growth in the people around her. Plus, with Positivity and Empathy as one of her top 5 strengths, Vivian is gifted at putting people at ease and lifting the atmosphere around her with a sense of fun and hope.

In her free time, Vivian keeps an active lifestyle. She enjoys trying out different activities such as rock climbing, Muay Thai, and CrossFit. A strong believer in “seeing every generation live out their full potential”, Vivian serves in outreach feeding programs in Batam, empowering kids to understand their unique gifts to begin the journey of fulfilling their potential.

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