In Singapore, StrengthsFinder might be said as Strengthfinders due to our local national language - Singlish (Singapore English)

In #Singapore, #StrengthsFinder might be said as #Strengthfinders due to our local national language - Singlish (Singapore English)

We tend to be very liberal with the placement of the letter S and sometimes move it around our words. For example timetables Vs timestable where one is about schedule and the latter about multiplication. 

Also, we might mean StrengthsFinder but we actually say StrengthFinders 

StrengthsFinder - tool that finds Strengths
StrengthFinders - people that look for strength 

The meanings as seen above are quite different 

So….. I thought it was just a Singapore thing…. I was wrong. 

I realized that it wasn’t a Singaporean thing, this was an INTERNATIONAL outbreak. In fact, 372 posts on instagram all had the hashtag strengthfinderS instead of strengthSfinder.

That was when I decided to make a difference. 

I feel the social-StrengthsFinder-responsibility to do a “Yes We Can” drive

First I needed to create a visual for the campaign. I went with the reality-emoji thumbs up and thumbs down (any resemblance of hands are purely coincidental)



Next the easy part - come up with a totally new hashtag


3rd, come up with a slogan that hopefully hits home -

When the S is in the middle
It’s best not to fiddle
But when the S is on the side
Move it 6 letters back to hide

Lastly, leave a comment on future posts that might appear on the hashtag strengthsfinders


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Jason Ho StrengthsFinder Coach • Strengths School™ Singapore

Jason Ho

Jason is SouthEast Asia's 1st Gallup’s StrengthsFinder® Certified & Platinum Coach. He is both founder and principal coach in Strengths School™ ( and has over 7 years of corporate experience in training, development and performance coaching for MNCs, SMEs, schools & non-profit organisations. Jason has over 11,000 hours of experience in Personal development coaching and Management consultancy. He completed the PMC Certification (Practising Management Consultant) - a certification that is awarded by the SBACC (Singapore Business Advisors & Consultants Council) ensuring the high standards for Management Consultancy in Singapore. Jason sits on the NUS Business School panel as a StrengthsFinder® Advisor and assists in running the ‘Emerging Leaders Program’ for high performance business individuals. Jason has successfully led workshops and coaching programs for corporate organization such as DHL, Lee Jeans, Wrangler, Vans, VF Corp, National University of Singapore, NUS business School, Mininstry of Education and various schools and learning institutes. His passion to empower adults and youths alike in strengths is evident through his energy and enthusiasm in leading fun-filled workshops. There is never a dull moment when it come to sharing StrengthsFinder with others as he believes that with the correct mix of humour in a session, the participants get the most learning. As a strengths coach, his top 5 strengths make the coaching journey light and enjoyable but yet deep and meaningful. Clients leave having a heightened level of self-awareness that is empowering and gives new direction in life. At Strengths School™, he pushes the strengths movement in Singapore, HongKong and Asia. He believes that once people discover their StrengthsFinder talents, they become more of who they were made to be, rather than try to be someone that they are not. He is extremely passionate about StrengthsFinder and if you have a chance to talk to him about it, you would experience first hand how extreme that passion is.