We all lead differently. Discover how to be comfortable with your unique leadership style.

StrengthsFinder Leadership GENIUS Program Singapore Strengths School

The LeadershipGENIUS™ Program aims to empower student leaders to lead with their strengths. Leaders that are self-aware of what their greatest contribution is to the team can help others do the same. By starting with their strengths, student leaders gain a strong foundation to this lifelong calling of leadership.

We offer a customisable program that can meet the needs of your school's objectives when it comes to using strengths to develop leaders.

Depending on the age of the students, we use the 2 strengths-based frameworks from Gallup:

  • StrengthsExplorer®
  • CliftonStrengths for Students®

What have students said about our program?

The StrengthsFinder program equipped me to use my strengths more effectively through understanding them. After the workshop, I was able to clarify misunderstandings of several strengths and realize the positive result of nurturing my own strengths. The interactive discussions allowed me to appreciate people for who they are and instilled an interest to discover people’s strengths more than their flaws.
— Malcolm Shum | Student Leader | Anglo Chinese Junior College
This StrengthsFinder workshop has allowed me to learn of my various strengths, applying these strengths to my daily life. It has provided me with an avenue to reflect on my character and gain insight into my personality as well. I feel that I have benefitted a lot from this workshop!
— Jeremy Luke Soh | Student Leader | Catholic Junior College
The StrengthsFinder workshop helped me to realize the strengths I never knew I had. I’ve now learned to harness my strengths instead of focusing on improving my weaknesses. The workshop also showed me that I should not use my strengths to focus on the negative aspect of things. It helped me to understand the people around me because of the strengths they have, which helped me to be more patient and also helped me to appreciate how different people operate. 
— Leow Ee Whye | Secondary 4 Student Leader | St Andrews Secondary School


Check out the StrengthsFinder Leadership Program™ that we did for ACS (Barker Road) Secondary 3 Student Leaders below: