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We use StrengthsFinder® for all our programs. If you are new to StrengthsFinder®, click here.


Strengths for School Strengthsfinder

STRENGTHS for SCHOOL™ aims to equip teachers and students in adopting a Strengths-based approach for Academic Excellence, Inter-Personal Relationships & Leadership Development. We aim to partner educators and parents to make every student an engaged learner.

To find out more, see Strengths for School™

Student Programs

The GENIUS Program™


The GENIUS Program™ is made up of 10 different modules and was created based on Gallup's StrengthsExplorer® and StrengthsFinder® framework. It aims to help students understand their innate talents and how to unlock their full potential. This comprehensive program is run for Secondary schools, Tertiary institutions and University students in Singapore.

To find out more about all 10 modules, see The GENIUS Program™

Our popular GENIUS modules




DestinyGENIUS™ (aka Game of Life™) is aimed at enriching the whole person, nurturing confidence to spur lifelong self-directed learning. Through knowing what might motivate their choices, participants learn to take greater ownership of their decisions, growing to become active contributors to the communities that they are a part of. 

To find out more, see DestinyGENIUS



The LeadershipGENIUS™ aims to empower student leaders to lead with their strengths. Leaders that are self-aware of what their greatest contribution is to the team can help others do the same. 

To find out more, see LeadershipGENIUS



First impressions matter. When we're applying to the prospective tertiary institution or vocation of our choice, the way we present ourselves can make all the difference. Through our Strengths-based Education and Career Guidance Program, students from Sec 3 all the way to Ph.D. level will learn how to select a career trajectory best suited to their unique blend of strengths, effectively brand themselves, and write personal branding statements or resumes that stand out.

To find out more, see CareerGENIUS



We all study differently! That's a fact. Through our extensive research and work with schools in Singapore, we at Strengths School™ want to intentionally live out our purpose of seeing every generation to its full potential. This led us to create probably the world's 1st strengths-based study strategies. This comprehensive program unleashes the untapped motivation in students, empowering them to excel in their studies.

To find out more, see StudyGENIUS

how our clients have benefitted

CHIJ Kellock.png

This StrengthsFinder workshop gave me a better understanding of my own strengths and how leveraging on others’ strengths can contribute to synergy in the team. Thank you for your excellent facilitation! The design of the workshop was interactive, fun, hands-on, reflective and more - never a dull moment and totally engaging! The recommendation given to me was accurate. Your workshop is indeed worthwhile. Grateful that you tailored the workshop to our needs. 10/10!
Magdalene Chin | Principal | CHIJ (Kellock)

White Sands Primary.jpeg

The biggest benefit of this StrengthsFinder workshop was helping us to build team spirit (bonding) among the EXCO members. It is really useful to us as a 2nd day workshop, following the Strategic Planning session on Day 1. This workshop helps us to grow in the journey of excellence by building on the strengths of others.
Ng Teng Joo | Principal | White Sands Primary School


The greatest benefit I received from the workshop was learning which of my strengths are not quite mature yet. The workshop was well done! Concise, insightful, and powerful.
Bernard Chew | Director | Ministry of Education (Special Education Branch)

StrengthsFinder Leadership Workshop Radin Mas Primary School Singapore.jpg

The Exco and Department Strengths profile matrix was very useful and powerful and we can now leverage on them for greater team engagement and synergy. I also observed how the trainer coached the staff on the use of the matrix and it was awesome. I want to learn. Thank you for the energy and team building in this StrengthsFinder workshop. 9/10!
Wong Siew Shan | Principal | Radin Mas Primary School

StrengthsFinder Teacher Workshop Northland Primary School Singapore.jpg

The greatest benefit I got from the StrengthsFinder workshop was learning about my strengths and how they can grow from infancy to maturity as a journey of mastery. The presenters, Jason and Gideon, were able to share the ideas and concepts in a very succinct and yet enlightening way.
Tony Tan Choon Kheng | Principal | Northland Primary School



Each coach is passionate in how we use the StrengthsFinder philosophy to impact every generation. 


Jason Ho
Founder • Principal Strengths Coach

SouthEast Asia's 1st Gallup Certified StrengthsFinder® & Platinum Coach 

Find out more about Jason Ho

Victor Seet
Founder • Principal Strengths Coach

World's 1st Gold Gallup Certified 

Find out more about Victor Seet

Madelia Thia
Youth Development • Strengths Coach

Gallup Certified

Find out more about Madelia Thia

Vivian Liang
Corporate Advisory  • Strengths Coach

Certified Strengths Coach

Find out more about Vivian Liang


Jeffrey Seow
Youth Development • Strengths Coach

Certified Strengths Coach

Find out more about Jeffrey Seow



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