Stand out from the crowd. Gain clarity on your vocational path. Learn what makes you unique - and how to communicate this effectively.



When you’re competing for a position along with a dozen other highly competent candidates, what helps you to stand out? This is where a Strengths-based approach would be invaluable. Through understanding their strengths, participants will discover the innate talents that are key to their success. This will grow their self-awareness and empower them to effectively brand themselves, communicating their greatest value-add to prospective employers (or the tertiary institutions of their choice).

Our Strengths-based Education & Career Guidance Program is customizable for:

  • Secondary School Students (DSA & EAE Applications, Education & Career Guidance)
  • JC Students (Personal Statement Writing for Scholarships, Education & Career Guidance)
  • ITE Students (Personal Branding, Job Applications)
  • Masters' Students (Personal Statement Writing for Scholarships, Personal Branding & Career Guidance)
  • PhD Students (Personal Branding & Career Preparation)

What are students saying about us?

This workshop is all you need to excel in interviews and personal branding write-ups!
— Sher Zi Kang | Secondary 4 (Express) Student | Woodlands Ring Secondary School
The workshop is very engaging and it really helps someone know their strengths better and open up their mind to choose the right career path. The trainers are also very friendly and fun.
— Norafikah | Secondary 5 (Normal Academic) Student | Woodlands Ring Secondary School
After the workshop, I was equipped to analyze my strengths and be able to match them with specific job descriptions. I got to know my strengths better and I now know what I can offer my employers. 9/10!
— Carlos Scull | Masters Student | NUS Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy
This is a very enjoyable workshop! From this career workshop, I learnt to focus on my strengths rather than my weaknesses. I also learnt more about my personality and talents. I’ve now got an idea of which direction I should move towards job-wise!
— Margarita Cherkasova | Masters Student | NUS Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy

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