Strengths for School Education Singapore StrengthsFinder

STRENGTHS for SCHOOL™ aims to equip teachers and students in adopting a Strengths-based approach for Academic Excellence, Inter-Personal Relationships & Leadership Development. We aim to partner educators and parents to make every student an engaged learner.


Why a Strengths-based approach? 

  1. Improve personal productivity
    grow personal leadership & academic results

  2. Improve self-esteem & self-confidence
    empower students for lifelong learning

  3. Improve teamwork
    build satisfying relationships

  4. Increase staff engagement
    make every teacher a caring Educator, every student an engaged Learner



What is the program's outcome?

When teachers know their own strengths, they are more likely to engage colleagues and students.

The main outcomes of the program would be:

  1. Increase staff productivity & engagement:
    By respecting the differences in strengths among colleagues and leveraging on this to build a strengths-based partnership.

  2. Increase student engagement effectiveness:
    By teaching with strengths, lessons become less daunting and more fulfilling for the teacher. Students’ attention increases as a teacher’s joy increases.