Growing the Strengths Explorer Theme of Organizer

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Writer's Note: This is one of a series of 10 articles on the Clifton Youth StrengthsExplorer themes. For more info on StrengthsExplorer, click here.

“Setting a goal is not the main thing. It is deciding how you will go about achieving it and staying with that plan.” – Tom Landry, NFL - AP Coach of the Year (1966)

Students with Organizer in their Top 3 StrengthsExplorer results value a sense of order. They generally enjoy scheduling, planning and organizing. People count on them to get the details right and pull a plan together. Like honey bees that pride themselves on building strong bee hives that can hold immense weight and resources, those with Organizer in their Strengths Explorer results enjoy clarity and order in their world. They like to be in control and are happy to make arrangements to ensure that processes are efficient and time is maximized.

For those with the Organizer StrengthsExplorer theme, it’s very likely that they have a list of tasks they need to categorize into various departments or areas. Once that happens, they are likely to then communicate with the various team players about their roles and responsibilities and how the task fulfilment will lead to the success of the project. The more clearly they communicate the arrangements, the more they feel everything is in order. And the more successes they have, the more they want to help in organizing. Because of their need for clarity during the process, it’s intuitive for someone with Organizer to understand the various factors that will affect the smooth running of a project. They then feel a sense of accomplishment when it's clear that everyone enjoyed being part of the project because everything was well-thought through and various mishaps were avoided due to careful planning. People would greatly value the Organizer for his/her eye for detail and how these little details can make a big impact.

While the Achieving StrengthsExplorer theme feels most satisfied when they can say, “I accomplished what I have set out to do,” the Organizer theme feels most satisfied when they can say, “I arranged a comprehensive plan for the goals to be met. And while the Discoverer StrengthsExplorer theme would say, “I enjoy pulling pieces (of information) apart to understand everything,” the Organizer theme would say, “I enjoy putting all the pieces and details together.”

What does the Organizer talent theme look like?

“I like my world to be orderly, and I love every opportunity to make it that way. I need to know when to finish all my assignments so that I can organize how and when the weekly tasks will be completed. My planner is my best friend! Whenever I look at my planner, I get to also plan my rest based on the amount of energy that will be spent for each project or involvement I have in the week. I also make it a point to organize all my belongings that are needed for the week. I do that always so that I can access them easily, when I approach my next appointment. – W. J.

As a teacher, how do I develop a student with Organizer?

  1. Identify the areas that this person is passionate about, then suggest ways or provide opportunities for this individual to take on more projects that can make a difference in the areas of the person’s concerns. For example, if the student is passionate about environmental wellness, you can assign the student to drive initiatives and projects that will help to address the immediate concerns.

  2. Help the student develop a framework to keep track of his or her planning. This is to help the student become sharper in identifying that all areas of concern and impact have been conscientiously thought of and attended to. Help students to grow in the best ways to manage manpower deployment and craft time management skills. The more platforms students have to be able to manage resources, the better they become with each attempt. When doing debrief with students, dedicate time to discuss how the students can arrange things to become more time-efficient.

  3. Recognize that those with Organizer pride themselves on being structured with their approaches. This means that they will feel most satisfied when they get to work in a Standard Operating Procedure that has already been agreed upon by the group. It will frustrate them if they are working with people who like to take things as they come. Help the students to share what they think should be a plan, so that everyone can be on the same page. When a project has been run smoothly and efficiently, affirm the student for the good work he/she has done.

As a student with Organizer, how do I grow it to maturity?

  1. Consider using a planner or monthly calendar that you can write on. As an Organizer, you need to feel like you are in control of your life, so calendars or planners help you to feel that sense of organization. Take time to plan daily, weekly or monthly what you need to do and look ahead to the week, month and year coming up so that you can pre-empt the commitments. Make space in your schedule to allow for unforeseen changes, so that you can respond to it calmly and appropriately.

  2. Refine the ways you keep track of your tasks. Having a task list will significantly help you keep track of what needs to be done. Keeping in mind there might be multiple due dates for different aspects of the project, it is beneficial to consider how you can make arrangements for multiple tasks to be executed so that you are able to save time. Do take time to consider what are the primary tasks that will also link to secondary tasks. Ensure you finish your primary tasks early, so that your secondary tasks can also be completed on time.

  3. Be proactive to volunteer for events or projects through which people can benefit from your genius of getting details into place. Use your talents to help someone else. As you learn to plan for other people’s needs, you will be able to better understand and serve the needs of different people. This will help you to make better arrangements that will benefit a wider range of participants.

Concluding Thoughts: Those with the Organizer Strengths Explorer theme have an acute acumen for order and planning. They are able to see what are the implications of mess if things are not arranged nicely. They often try to steer away from chaos which will be unproductive.

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Written by Gideon Ren


As a Gallup Certified StrengthsFinder Coach based in Singapore, Gideon (TEACHStrengths™) is passionate about empowering educators and learners for exceptional education and living using strengths engagement. He is the Head of the Schools Division at Strengths School™. He has been actively giving StrengthsFinder leadership and team building workshops to schools and businesses in Singapore.


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