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The Clifton Youth Strengths Explorer Assessment tool was designed for individuals aged 10-14 years old, as a precursor to the Clifton StrengthsFinder tool. This page outlines the 10 possible Talent Themes in the Strengths Explorer framework, and contains links to resources that parents can use to develop their children.

Find the resources you need to learn more about your own or your child's Strengths Explorer themes. Click on your (or your child's) Top 3 talent themes to begin the journey!

If you're a parent, also check out this PDF for a quick activity you can do to get to know your child better.




You have more energy and more goals than other people. You love a sense of accomplishment. (Read more...)



In your heart, helping other people is very important. You want to make the world better by helping people in small ways or big ways. (Read more...)



You see many things in life as a game, and you feel great joy when you win. You truly hate to lose because you are always striving for first place. (Read more...)



You believe in yourself and what you can do. This helps you take on challenges because you feel sure you can succeed. (Read more...)



Trust is important to you, and you care about being seen as responsible and trustworthy. People count on you to do what you say you will do. When you make a promise, you mean to keep it. (Read more...)



A thinker and learner, you are excited about exploring ideas and making connections. You like to ask the questions "How?" and "Why?" (Read more...)


Future Thinker

Your mind loves to think and dream about the future. You are a person who thinks about what is possible, not what is impossible. (Read more...)



You like to start friendships and keep them for a long time -- maybe even your whole life. You widen the circle of friends for yourself and others. (Read more...)



Scheduling, planning, and organising your world makes life better. People count on you to get the details right and pull a plan together. (Read more...)



You were born to be at the front of the room telling stories and taking the lead. Other people watch you and listen to you. (Read more...)

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Downloadable PDF for Parents

Parents: This is a great way for you to affirm your child on his/her strengths.

Download the PDF and use your answers to start a discussion with your child about their strengths!

Printable Classroom Poster for Teachers

To help reinforce the students' understanding of the StrengthsExplorer themes, we've created a printable poster that teachers can put up in their classrooms.

Simply click on the button below to download the poster!

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