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Huge thanks to Jason, Victor and team for a very engaging and reflective Strengthsfinder session. Your authentic approach has enabled us to truly appreciate Strengthsfinder and what it can offer in bringing our organization to the next level based on the strengths of every individual.
Raymond Poon | Principal | Hong Wen School


I have learnt through this Strengthsfinder workshop that building on strengths delivers more than fixing our weaknesses. Excellent Facilitators who articulated clearly with great examples!
Dr Yek Tiew Ming | Principal | ITE College East

An excellent workshop for us to understand more about ourselves and our teammates and how we can leverage on our strengths to excel in our roles.
James Ng | Director | ITE College East



The Strengthsfinder workshop was highly engaging, well-paced and contained many practical insights on the nature of leadership, self-awareness and team dynamics. Well done!
Jenny Tan | Principal | Gan Eng Seng Secondary

The team was able to flesh out the key concepts and application of StrengthsFinder simply and powerfully.
Lee Kah Wai | Vice-Principal | Gan Eng Seng Secondary

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This is one of those rare training workshops where participants were totally attentive and engaged from the start to the end. The management is confident that the Strengths-based approach is most appropriate to bring about a positive staff climate and higher level of performance in our school.
Leonard Koh | Principal | Northland Secondary School


Jason's workshop was engaging and thought provoking as participants role play individuals with different talents under various situations. Getting participants to draw their interpretation of their talents was also an interesting way of clarifying perception in a fun way, both for themselves & their team members. StrengthsFinder has been helpful in creating awareness of our natural tendency (talent) so that we can consciously grow and leverage on it to be uniquely us yet effective. I especially like the idea of using strengths innovation to manage our areas for improvement. In a way, it points us to the keys that can on our engines, i.e. motivation, to fulfil our life mission in education.
Chang Teck Hui | Vice-Principal | Northland Secondary School


Through the StrengthsFinder workshop, I understand myself better. I also realized the specific strengths of my colleagues and why we do things so differently. 
Tham Yoke Chun | Director | MOE HQ Education Technology Division


Knowing my strengths can help me focus on developing and maximizing strengths that are more effective in achieving organizational outcomes. The StrengthsFinder workshop also helped me see my value vis-à-vis others in the organization.
Brandon Lee | Assistant Director | MOE HQ CPDD (Humanities Branch) 


This StrengthsFinder workshop brought a new perspective and insights to my understanding of how we work and interact with others. Understanding the strengths of my teammates has been very helpful. It is an excellent workshop!
Delia Foo | Assistant Director | MOE HQ CPDD (Humanities Branch)




Good sharing. Good facilitation. Good enlightenment.
Jeffrey Phua | Senior Teacher | Gan Eng Seng Secondary


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Appreciate Jason’s sharing and facilitation skills and in the course of these 2 days StrengthsFinder workshop, I’ve a better awareness of myself and celebrate the strengths of myself and celebrate the strengths of my KP friends, of whom form the core learning team in Northland Secondary School
Ong Lay Ching | School Staff Developer | Northland Secondary School

You'll receive your OMG! Moment, a revelation that opens new possibilities for your life. Gosh! So much learning! Hopefully a new me will emerge!
Brian Lui | Head of Department PE (School Management) | Northland Secondary School


I appreciate the positivity and clarity that the trainers have brought to the StrengthsFinder workshop and that helped in creating the awareness and the potential capitalizing of the strengths of others and myself. A day well spent!
Lester Low | Head of Department (Humanities) | Catholic Junior College

I wished I have done this workshop in my earlier days as a leader. It would have consciously helped me in focusing on the strengths of my team, rather than areas of improvements. The StrengthsFinder workshop provides an innovative and refreshing approach to people development and growth. There was ample time given for discussion and engagement. Well done! A day well spent!
Narindar Dhillon | Retired Educator, Former HOD | Catholic Junior College


I learned how powerful it can be when we become aware of our core strengths and work within them to support our organisations. We are able to use these StrengthsFinder strengths within our areas of influence and build our own personal capacities even.
Eli Chong | School Staff Developer | Anglo-Chinese School (Barker Road)

I  enjoyed the portions of the workshop that shared about how to tap on my strengths and to help others to do the same. The StrengthsFinder workshop is very interactive and I enjoyed and learnt a lot. Well done!
Veronica Looi | Head of Department (Mathematics) | Anglo-Chinese School (Barker Road)

I enjoyed the sharing of each other’s strengths and how to work as a SMC team. I really see the strengths of this StrengthsFinder program and hope that we can build the strengths culture and language in the school.
Alice Wang | Head of Department (Student Development) | Anglo-Chinese School (Barker Road)

This Strengthsfinder workshop was a very positive experience for me. It has a very good mixed of reflection, content, activities that got everyone participating. I learnt that my team is very diverse with many different strengths and the differences are an advantage.
Dennis Lin | Senior Teacher (Science) | Anglo-Chinese School (Barker Road) 




I believe a whole lot of people will benefit from this StrengthsFinder workshop! By leading us to realize our strengths and giving us practical steps to develop these strengths, it will definitely guide us well in the future. Keep on doing these workshops!
RSV Marreeran | Secondary 3 Normal Academic Student | Marsiling Secondary School


The StrengthsFinder workshop helped me to realize the strengths I never knew I had! I now learn to harness my strengths instead of focusing on improving my weakness! The workshop also showed me that I should not use my strengths to focus on the negative aspect of things! It also helped me to understand people around me because of the strengths they have which helped me to be more patient and also helped me to appreciate how different people operate! 
Leow Ee Whye | St Andrews Secondary School


“Before I came for this StrengthsFinder workshop, I did not know the best studying techniques. Now that I know my strengths and the way I should study, I feel that this workshop is really effective in educating especially students who are lost in academics, about the right studying methods.”
Lim Ding Kai | J1 Student | Catholic Junior College

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StrengthsFinder not only helped me understand the way I may be inclined to think and function, but taught me how I can best use my strengths to complement others. Through the training, I've learnt what my strengths are about and how to better develop them. I now can "play by my strengths" rather than focus on my weaknesses. 
David Tan | Ngee Ann Polytechnic | Animation & 3D Arts


Through the StrengthsFinder workshop, I was able to better understand how I am wired and how I work. By discovering my strengths, I am able to place greater emphasis on my talents, work together with my diversified executive committee, leading the prefectorial board and this school, united in differences.    
Andre Shum Kai Heng | Head Prefect | Anglo-Chinese School Barker

Through the StrengthsFinder workshop, I am able to use these strengths to enhance my leadership and make a difference in the student body.
Shemael Matthews | Head Monitor | Anglo-Chinese School Barker

The Strengthsfinder training has equipped me to use my strengths more effectively through understanding them. Initially, I was skeptical of the benefits of knowing my strengths through completing the test. However, after the training, I was able to clarify misunderstandings of several strengths and realize the positive result of nurturing my own strengths. That helped me to change my outlook towards them! In addition, the interactive discussion has allowed me to appreciate people for who they are and instilled an interest to discover people’s strengths more than their flaws.
Malcolm Shum | Anglo Chinese Junior College

The Strengthsfinder workshop has greatly helped me to better understand myself. I was able to understand the reasons why I behaved or reacted a certain way, and I gained valuable insight on how to properly nurture my strengths in order to move from the "infancy" stage to the "maturity" stage. I particularly enjoyed the engaging group activities. Those activities allowed us to understand each other better, as well as to see how the different strengths could work together to achieve a common goal. Through the workshop I have gained a greater appreciation of myself and my peer's strengths, as well as how to use my strengths to harness my potential.
Gracia Leong | Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) 


Victor from Strengths School makes strengths easy to understand by introducing activities and games that helps me identify the different StrengthsFinder strengths my teammates and I had. He was able to break down tough concepts into meaningful bite-size nuggets of wisdom. I now value my teammates more and learnt how to harness each person's strengths for the benefit of the team. The StrengthsFinder workshop was an extremely positive experience! 
Samuel Lee, NUS Year 4 Student

From the workshop, when I saw the different strengths of everybody, I suddenly realized why each person behaves in certain ways! My greatest personal takeaway was learning that each StrengthsFinder talent I have needs to grow from 'infancy' to 'maturity' if it is to be used effectively and for good. The training helped me figure out what questions I should be asking myself & what steps to take in order to better steward my talents.
Hannah Lois Ng | NUS Student | English Language

I found StrengthsFinder very useful in helping me understand myself better. I realized that discovering my strengths gave me more confidence and assurance on who I am. After the workshop, I felt more encouraged and empowered to consciously work on my strengths in order to achieve my goals, rather than trying to improve on what I was weak at. Seeing that the people around me have different strengths and talents have helped me to appreciate them more for who they are and to see them in a different light. It's nice to know that everyone's strengths are useful in one way or another. After doing the Strengths Finder, I was so excited that I even got my friends and family to do it!
Chermaine Kumar | NUS Student | Social Work


From the StrengthsFinder workshop, I learnt to use my strengths on top of knowing what they are. One thing I thought was really helpful that the program taught us was the level of mastery we can have for our strengths - Strength used at the level of infancy for selfish ambitions as compared to being used at a level of maturity for the benefit of both self and others. This was not clear to me till I had the revelation from the workshop. 
Yuzhou Yang| NTU Student | Bioscience

The workshop has been extremely useful as I have learnt practical ways in which my StrengthsFinder strengths can be utilized. I have personally developed an understanding that strengths that are commonly misunderstood can be beneficial if it is harnessed for the right purpose. I am now better able to understand what kind of approaches I might adopt when dealing with people whose strengths are very different from mine.
Ryan Joel Thomasz | NTU Student | Economics