Presence | Strengths Explorer Theme

You are a natural at commanding attention. You may do this in small ways or in big ways, but you are better at it than most people, and it gives you power over the group. Sometimes humor is the way you get a group excited. You might tell a funny joke or story that helps others relax and feel connected to each other.

Sometimes your leadership is more serious. Maybe there is something important to be done, and you are the spokesperson who can get the message out to people in a way that makes them want to be involved.

You might someday be a teacher, a politician, a speaker, a comedian, or a business leader. Whatever you choose to be, you are likely to have others listening to the words you speak. You naturally create an audience.

If you have Presence in your Strengths Explorer themes, you were born to be at the front of the room telling stories and taking the lead. Other people watch you and listen to you.

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