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StrengthsFinder was a fantastic experience for me and my management team. The sessions brought us closer together as a unit and also allowed us to better understand how to get the very best out of one another. I'm now more aware of which style of communication or approach will work best with each individual and this means a better work environment, better communication and better results. 

Tom Browning | General Manager | Menarini Asia-Pacific Holdings

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With Learner as my top strength, I enjoy the process of learning. One-to-one coaching is the ultimate learning process for me as it allows the coach to customise to my learning needs as we go along. 

Lim Kok Hwa | Principal | Pei Cai Secondary School  


The StrengthsFinder coaching session with Jason allowed me to better understand my strengths, how I have subconsciously leveraged on some of these strengths in the past and how I can more deliberately use these key strengths to drive desired behaviors and successes for future performance.

Dennis Lim | Team Leader | Bloomberg


Coming from a background in psychology, I have done many psychological evaluations. While many have been illuminating, none have made me walk away feeling empowered to deal with the challenges life brings. During my session with Jason, I felt assured about my next career move and enlightened about how to use my strengths to overcome difficulties I have in areas where I am lacking. I highly encourage everyone, even those who think they are self-actualized, to invest in a StrengthsFinder coaching session with Jason.

Jillian Chong | Zone Coordinator | ISM Canada


Victor asked thought-provoking and insightful questions, leading me to realize so much about myself. The 1-on-1 coaching sessions with Victor benefitted me hugely, allowing me to gain an increased sense of confidence, knowing that I could be successful and lead others out of my strengths.

Joycelin Ng | Probation Officer | MSF


The coaching conversation with Victor was intellectually stimulating to say the least. He didn't "spoon-feed" me with answers when we were talking about how to push myself to my fullest potential. Instead he dropped prompts along the way to help me through the thought processes. I was able to come to terms with my StrengthsFinder top 5 - that they weren't "lousy" strengths, and that they have contributed to making me who I am today. I remember going home that evening, feeling like I can truly own this journey of honing my strengths to be an even better version of myself than I already was.

Stephanie Chan | Research Assistant | Health Promotion Board

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My coaching session with Victor helped me to better understand and value the strengths that I have. He helped me to appreciate that leadership is multi-faceted and multi-dimensional compared to my previous understanding of good leaders possessing certain specific traits/strengths. Victor’s detailed explanations and suggestions of ways I can further develop my strengths and leverage them for success at my workplace, have shed much light for me. I now no longer focus on what I do not have. Rather, I yearn to be more conscious and sensitive to my strengths and my instinctive ways of thinking and interacting with others. Personally, I would say that his coaching has also made me a more positive person, as it helps me to recognize potential in others, instead of their lack.

Charmain Han | HOD English | Eunos Primary School


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