Mandy Lin

Corporate Advisory | Strengths Coach

Mandy is a Gallup Certified StrengthsFinder® Coach who brings with her an understanding of service excellence and an ability to understand clients' needs. She has 11 years of experience in a financial advisory firm, both as a consultant and as a team manager. She leads others from her ability to empathize, to care and to offer encouragement. 

Mandy is gifted in seeing the uniqueness of each individual, and she enjoys coaching people towards a deeper understanding of their talents. She brings with her a vast experience in the area of 1-on-1 coaching, couples coaching and team coaching. She particularly enjoys coaching organizational teams and helping team members leverage each other's strengths towards the team goals. One of Mandy's specializations is in the area of conflict resolution.

Mandy has successfully facilitated workshops and coaching programs for organizations such as AIA, Herbalife and National University of Singapore. She has also facilitated personal development workshops in Indonesia and Taiwan. Mandy is also passionate to help young people discover their full potential. She has facilitated workshops for Marsiling Secondary and Gan Eng Seng School and was a key facilitator in the student workshop during the 1st ASEAN Strengths Education Summit 2016.

In her free time, Mandy enjoys traveling. Other than coaching in Indonesia and Taiwan, she has also been to countries such as Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, South Korea, Vietnam and Cambodia. Mandy does volunteer work on a regular basis, teaching and interacting with young children.

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What clients are saying about Mandy Lin 

The StrengthsFinder coaching session with Mandy was insightful. It made me understand myself and the people around me better - why we behave the way we do. Most importantly, I understand that sometimes our strengths can be our weaknesses if not managed well. Thus, I learnt that it is very important to be well aware of our strength and how to manage it - by consciously making the effort to cope/to change certain things we do - so that we are able to fully maximise our strengths and not hurt or harm ourselves either physically or emotionally. Mandy also provided useful advice for me to learn how to maximise my strengths.
— Desiree Heng | Financial Consultant
My StrengthsFinder session with Mandy was fruitful as I became more aware of my top 5 strengths. I didn’t realise that I’ve been using my unique strengths in my daily living. The awareness caused me to be more effective and conscious of how I can put my different strengths into good use. I learnt from Mandy that just as we work out to develop our physical muscles, we’ve got to consistently work on our strengths to develop them. No longer am I too worried about my weaknesses. I was taught to manage my weaknesses rather than being overly stressed to want to strengthen my weaknesses. I achieve more and I am a much happier person when I focus on using my strengths because things seem to be much more simplified for me now. Thank you Mandy for your coaching!
— Joel Foong | Manager | Odell Roy Inc Pte Ltd
Overall, the session was good and enlightening. It helped me to focus on my themes and subsequently develop them into strengths. This I feel is the most important as I believe self-awareness is the difference between mediocrity and greatness! The session also elucidated how I could make the most out of my life by understanding and embracing my strengths not just in the realm of my career but also relationships with peers, colleagues and loved ones! The in-depth analysis and analogies that Mandy provided showed how each theme complements one another and in some situations synergizes, and I think this helps in uncovering how complex the interactions of themes in the manifestation of who you are and how it affects your life. Finally, this session is definitely worth every penny and I urge everyone to embark on this crucial journey to make yourself a better person by simply understanding deep inside, how you function, what you value and what you seek in life!
— Alex Wong | Executive Financial Consultant
My meeting with Mandy was immensely fruitful. Aside from being able to properly differentiate how each of my top 5 strengths have been assisting me in everyday life decision making, I was also able to understand how the strengths interact and become uniquely me. Mandy’s coaching and insights are definitely worthwhile and I would surely recommend her to any friend of mine who wants to explore their strengths and get a better understanding of themselves!
— Ian Foo | Executive Financial Consultant
Thank you Mandy for introducing me to StrengthsFinder to allow me to get more insights into my personal strengths and the people around me. You have opened new horizons to how my talents affect my thoughts and behavior. I have personally done many profiling exercises and StrengthsFinder is one of the best that highlights my strengths and how they can be applied to my daily activities in work, play and inter-personal relationships with my family, coworkers and clients. In addition, not forgetting your kind patience and enlightening coaching to allow me to have better understanding of using my strengths and how it relates to each other. I also have better understanding about the infancy and maturity stages of my talents. The examples you have provided on the interaction between my talents gave me deeper insights on my current challenges and situations. I also introduced the StrengthsFinder concept to my business partners and family. They are thrilled and excited to get to know more of themselves. This coaching has helped me better understand myself and thus improved my relationships with the people around me and my productivity at work. This has also helped me become a better person in this society.
— Steve Chan | Founder and Managing Director | EcoLiving System Pte Ltd
This coaching session with Mandy gives me the time and opportunity to think and reflect about myself. It forces me to think about how I behave when making decisions and interact with others. I have a better understanding of my own strengths and how I can use this knowledge about myself to improve on decision making. Mandy also helped me understand that every individual is unique and my thinking and understanding of every situation is not coherent with my peers’ thinking and understanding. I think that it is important to fully understand and to become master of your own strengths. I was able to clearly relate my character and behaviour to my top 5 identified strengths. Mandy provided an in-depth analysis of how my top 5 strengths combined will still be different from someone with 1-2 similar strengths. I also have a better understanding of others around me because we behave so differently in similar situations.
— Gabriel Low | Senior Financial Consultant
New insights, deeper understanding, and how to harness/manage my strengths — these are my key take-aways from my personal coach, Mandy! Through Mandy, I was introduced to the Gallup StrengthsFinder Test, where my top 5 themes/strengths were unveiled. Personality tests are not new but StrengthsFinder has a finer, softer touch that delivers more clarity and much more personalization. As a certified coach, Mandy took time to guide and explain deeper on my individual strengths and how I could develop these infant themes to something more powerful that can be used to help myself and others. Through her, I also learned that what comes naturally to me is not the same for all as each of us has different innate strengths. Tips on how to overcome my potential weakness from these same themes as well. Thanks Mandy for the insightful sharing!
— Jerlyn Wong | Executive Financial Consultant