Future Thinker | Strengths Explorer Theme

You like to imagine the life you will have, what new things will be invented, and what you will be able to do that you cannot do now. What kind of person will you be? How will the world be different in 10 years or 100 years? What are your dreams?

Your visions of the future might be bigger than most people’s because thinking big is one of your talents. You like to think about the important things in life, what they mean, and how they are connected to each other.

Finding meaning is important to you. It is not enough for you to simply concentrate on what you need to do today because your mind needs more adventure than that. You spend time thinking about ideas, not just facts. Thinking big paints pictures of what the future can be like.

If you have Future Thinker in your Strengths Explorer themes, your mind loves to think and dream about the future. You are a person who thinks about what is possible, not what is impossible.

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