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Giving your team the competitive EDGE 

We have been listening to our clients' concerns when it comes to developing their most crucial resource - People. And with the input of our trusted clients, we present to you 8 programs that target different leader's focus.

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LeadershipEDGE StrengthsFinder Workshop Program

We all have different leadership styles. Our strengths reveal scientific insights into how our unique leadership style creates our greatest influence and reveals our potential blind spots.

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A team is greater than the sum of its parts. A successful team knows how to collaborate effectively despite individual differences. Participants will learn how to leverage their team members' strengths to achieve desired outcomes.

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A strengths-based organization creates higher employee engagement. Discover what it means to be a strengths-based organization, and learn the principles to build a strengths-based culture in your organization.

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Today's workforce is changing. More and more, employees are looking for a coach who cares about their personal development rather than a boss who is directive. Learn about strengths-based coaching philosophies and bring out the best in your team.

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Most of us find it difficult to describe our greatest value-add to our organization. Based on the strengths-based branding framework, participants will be able to accurately express their BEST at work in the most authentic way.

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To many salespeople, it is a challenge to deliver great sales results. Based on the book, 'Strengths-based Selling', participants will discover how to maximize their strengths, and create their personalized strategies to deliver outcomes consistently.

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When you are able to use your strengths at work, your overall quality of life increases by 600% (Gallup). Find out how to apply your strengths in your current role and gain insight into your own career progression within the organization.

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How do we spark innovation & nurture the entrepreneurial spirit in your organization? Start to channel your strengths into thinking out of the norm and build that competitive edge in every individual.