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“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” - Peter Drucker (Productivity Guru & Father of Management Consultancy). To put it simply, culture is the way things are done in an organization. Within every team, there is an existing culture that determines its dynamics – and this culture can either help or hinder the productivity and synergy of the team. In this course, participants will learn about how to change the culture of a team or organization to one that maximizes productivity, strengthens leadership capabilities, and increases the overall well-being of every team member.


  • Understand the pillars of a culture and how it impacts the team/organization
  • Understand the benefits of a strengths-based culture
  • Learn how the characteristics of a strengths-based culture can positively impact the team/organization
  • Connect your desired organizational objectives to the cultural behaviours you want to see


  • 2 full days (7 hours each day)

suitable for:

  • Culture building (teams)


    “Through this workshop, I gained a greater understanding of my team and myself personally. I learned about the infancy and maturity stages of my strengths, and the Q12 Employee Engagement Survey was a very effective tool in equipping me and my team to do our best and increase performance. It was a very enjoyable session: interactive, well-facilitated, and practical for our entire team.”
    — Patrick Holt | President | Cardinal Health Medical Products, Asia-Pacific
    “The workshop helped me understand my own strengths and gave a good framework for the team to understand each other. The trainers were able to articulate and facilitate the session well and were able to relate to the needs of the team. Great work!”
    — Poh Chi Chuan | Director | Singapore Tourism Board