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Course Outline

This course discusses issues relating to career management and development, targeting in particular adult career crisis and transitions, career decision-making processes, and the intrinsic motivators that bring executives the most professional fulfilment.

Designed for executives wishing to transition to a new industry or reskill themselves for a new role within the same industry, this interactive workshop uses the StrengthsFinder® Profiling Tool to empower participants to glean fresh insights as to how they are uniquely wired and the career paths that would bring them the most fulfilment.

Course Objectives

  • Identify key personality traits and talents with the StrengthsFinder® Profiling Tool
  • Discover the work you feel energized by
  • Learn how your strengths can help you have more clarity in career paths to pursue
  • Discover what brings you the most personal and professional fulfilment
  • Build an understanding of all the skillsets that you already have and how that can help you in your choose the correct career path
  • Understand your core values and how these may be expressed in your future career
  • Discover your "calling" and how that helps to map out your career pathway
  • Gain practical handles on professional branding and how to position yourself in job interviews
  • Find out the questions you can ask during job interviews to determine if it's the right fit
  • Discover your greatest value-add in your future workplace

Date & Time

10am - 6pm


TBC (Will be announced via e-mail)


$500 (no GST)
Special Introductory Rate: $400

Min. Participants to Run the Course



Every course participant will receive:

  1. A Gallup CliftonStrengths Top 5 Assessment Code
  2. The Clifton StrengthsFinder 2.0 e-book
  3. A customised Strengths Tag with your Top 5
  4. The Career Planning with StrengthsFinder® Workbook

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