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This course is designed to ensure Singaporeans are career-resilient in a volatile and uncertain landscape. The Singaporean economy faces a growing number of challenges: the loss of jobs due to automation (A.I.), an increasing dependence on technology that is exponentially displacing our workforce, and a widening gap between highly-educated, skilled workers versus unskilled workers. In fact, an Oxford study found that by 2034, 47% of jobs will disappear due to automation alone.

How can the workforce stay relevant and grow sustainably in an ever-changing economic landscape?

We believe Strengths-based interventions are the answer.  Using the G.E.M. Career Coaching Framework, participants will work with qualified coaches to understand the practical applications of their strengths at work.  This course discusses issues relating to career management and development, targeting in particular adult career crisis and transitions and career decision-making processes. Designed for executives to excel in their specific job scopes, this interactive workshop uses the StrengthsFinder® Profiling Tool to empower participants to glean fresh insights as to how they are uniquely wired, which will enable them to perform more effectively within their chosen industries.


  • Identify key professional talents with the Gallup StrengthsFinder® framework
  • Evaluate the gaps between career aspirations and current reality  
  • Analyze career histories and achieve greater alignment between innate talents and job scopes
  • Learn how strengths can help bring more clarity in the areas where participants are naturally most productive


  • 1 full day (7 hours)

suitable for:

  • Career development (junior to senior managers)