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StrengthsFinder Workshops for Organizations

The StrengthsFinder workshop allowed me to appreciate greatly that every individual is different and that I should focus on maximizing my own strengths to build a strong team and successful business. I should also focus on different individual’s strengths to motivate them and maximize their performances.
Carmen Cheng | Managing Director | VF Asia Ltd

The workshop went down very well with everyone and it struck me that they actually delivered a near-perfect and flawless session. The session was very balanced, well-paced and well-organized. Most importantly, what really shone through were Victor’s and Jason’s mastery of and deep passion for Strengthsfinder: they were clearly seasoned and experienced facilitators who had thought through the subject matter from many different perspectives. Their sessions were peppered with personal (and often hilarious) anecdotes that the team found to be very helpful and relevant. Personally, understanding my own strengths and those of my team has helped to make sense of some of the behaviours from my team members and myself and caused me to make adjustments to some of the ways I interact with my team.
Wong Rin Rin | Legal Director & Associate General Counsel, Asia Pacific | Adobe Systems Pte Ltd

The workshop helped me understand my own strengths and gave a good framework for the team to understand each other. The trainers were able to articulate and facilitate the session well and were able to relate to the needs of the team. Great work!
Poh Chi Chuan | Director | Singapore Tourism Board

The workshop helped me understand my own strengths and the importance of knowing how to capitalize on them, whether at work or on a personal basis. The Strengthsfinder workshop is different from any others in that the content covered focused on strengths rather than weaknesses. The trainers were engaging and able to capture the audience’s attention very well. Great job! 
Joanne Chia | Assistant Director | Workforce Development Agency

The Strengthsfinder workshop demonstrated the collective and comprehensive overview of my team strengths. That will allow me to use these strengths in the best way to maximize my team’s output. Well Done!
Rainer Duespohl | Chief Information Officer (Asia) | VF Asia Ltd

The Strengthsfinder workshop was excellent and the feedback from all the team members was that it was one of the most valuable workshops they have been a part of. The concepts and team exercises certainly helped the teams to grasp the strength based thinking, as well as enabled the team leads to get a closer view of their team dynamics, diversity and strengths.
Saurabh Mandal | Head – Supply Chain | VF Brands India Pvt Ltd

This Strengthsfinder workshop gave me new perspective on how to appreciate people and manage relationships. It greatly helped me understand better ways to develop team members. Well done guys!
Sean Tan | Business Relationship Director – Global Business Technology | VF Corporation

The Strengthsfinder workshop helped me understand myself and my team!
Anita Gupta| Head of Asia Pacific, Eastern Europe, Middle East & Africa | DHL

"Excellent presentation and clear communications. Our team really benefitted a lot from his facilitation of the right conversations. Great Strengthsfinder workshop!"
Kang So-Young | Founder & Group CEO | Awaken Group

The Strengthsfinder workshop allowed me to relax and understand myself better as well as the strengths of my peers. I particularly enjoyed understanding the combination of strengths and how we can amplify them. This workshop has brought much positive energy and positive thinking into the team.
Minnie Leung | Senior Product Director (Jeanswear) | VF Asia Ltd

Victor is a very engaging trainer who was not only able to help us understand and appreciate our own strengths but also that of others. His passion for Strengthsfinder is obvious.  As a result of having undergone the workshop conducted by Victor, my team has been able to gain confidence in our own strengths and articulate our perspectives. We now understand each other better and can better manage potential areas of conflict and take on tasks leveraging on the strengths of individual members.
Samantha Lo | Office Manager at Highpoint Community Services Association

Victor is someone who goes all out to engage his audience. During the Strengthsfinder workshop, he is able to provide meaningful examples applicable to the participants and this keeps us interested, and makes us want to hear more from him. He is able to use stories as anecdotes to illustrate important points, and people understand better!
Stephanie Chan | Research Assistant | Health Promotion Board

I find Victor to be an extraordinary speaker! With uncanny ease, he allowed each one of us to digest and understand the various information taught to us, with plenty of anecdotes and humour to go along the way. Engaging with countless interactions, while bursting with energy which stems from great passion, Victor has shown his experience and expertise through and through. All in all, StrengthsFinder really allowed myself to understand my strengths better, and that of my team's, and together we managed to improve our working synergy and performance output.
Jonathan Chua | Financial Services Consultant | AIA

I thoroughly enjoyed the Strengthsfinder Workshop for Building Teams conducted by Victor Seet. Compared to most other Team-building workshops, this was by far one of the most effective and useful in helping me understand how to work best with my team. The hands-on approach and discussions facilitated by Victor were extremely helpful in helping my team develop a greater appreciation for and excitement to work with one another in the future. Victor demonstrated a deep understanding of each of the 34 strengths and how the different strengths can complement one another. I would highly recommend the same workshop to any company or organization that hope to boost work productivity and team morale!
Joycelin Ng | Probabtion Officer | MSF

The strengthsfinder workshop conducted by Victor was extremely helpful for my youth leadership team and me. Through the workshop, I got to know my strengths in a deeper way. As we shared and affirmed each others’ strengths, we were able to celebrate one another’s strengths in the process. Victor’s knowledge of the subject and his experiences with youths are great assets to help our entire team discover what really works! I highly recommend this course to other organizations and churches as well. 
Chris Ho | Youth Pastor | Church of Our Saviour

As a trainer, Victor was instrumental in creating a strengths culture among leaders in my church, helping individuals gain confidence in what they do. His ability to provide practical steps encouraged many of the leaders to take ownership of their strengths after the Strengthsfinder workshop and to apply their strengths to serve in the ministry. Victor is highly skilled in engaging people and he demonstrated his competence as a trainer by the way he conducted a fun and creative learning environment at our leadership training session.
Peter Tan | Head of Youth Ministry | Church of Our Saviour

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