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First impressions matter. When you meet a prospective employer or a client, knowing how to accurately market yourself is a vital skill in the working world. This course was designed for individuals wishing to learn the skills of professional (for business owners) and personal branding, particularly in application for work. Using the StrengthsFinder® Profiling Tool and Strengths School™'s proprietary course materials, participants will understand their greatest value-add to their respective workplaces and gain practical handles on how to market themselves and their brand.


  • Learn the key concepts of branding and how it relates to you
  • Develop your brand mantra: What do you want to be known for?
  • Sharing who you are and not who you think you are; using strengths to be 'real' and authentic towards your audience
  • Discover your main 'brand mantra' from your top 5 strengths and how to tell the world what you stand for


  • 1 full day (7 hours)


  • Professional development (managers and above)
  • Career development (managers and above)
“The greatest benefit was knowing my strengths better (how they play out positively in their maturity and negatively in their infancy), as well as relating certain incidences in the past to my colleagues and ways to better deal with situations. I think this workshop should be conducted as early as possible with any new employee, because it helps a lot with self-enlightenment! The training pace was comfortable and not straining, allowing us to absorb the learning/knowledge. 9/10!”
— Calvin Lee | Senior Manager, Consumer Marketing | AIA Marketing