Amanda Joy Loh

Youth Development | Strengths Coach

Amanda is a Gallup Certified StrengthsFinder® Coach in Singapore who focuses on youth development at Strength School™. As a StrengthsFinder® Coach, Amanda is driven by her passion to see young people succeed in their endeavors. She believes that all talents can be nurtured and developed, and is keen to teach and grow them into strengths. Her passion to see youths shine in their communities fuels her resolve to see people grow. This is also why she relentlessly devotes her time to training and developing potential.

Amanda has lots of experience working with young people and has facilitated workshops for multiple schools in Singapore, such as Gan Eng Seng School, Marsiling Secondary School, Anglo-Chinese School (Barker Road), Northland Secondary School, Yishun Junior College, Nanyang Junior College, Catholic Junior College, Methodist Girls' School, School of Science and Technology and ITE (East). As a StrengthsFinder® Coach, she has helmed many group debrief sessions in the schools, displaying a steady confidence in being able to adapt to handle different personality types. She is able to effectively handle the students from different kinds of Singapore schools and use engagement tactics effectively for different group dynamics. She thrives in environments of change, where she is always attentive and ready for the next shift in direction. Because of her natural talents, Amanda is one of the StrengthsFinder® coaches in Strengths School™ who specializes in the dynamic Game of Life™, which was designed for the local schools and youth groups in Singapore.

Amanda's rich leadership experiences both in school as well as in her local church in Singapore prepared her well for the Youth Development role as a StrengthsFinder® Coach. Amanda has led many youth groups in various projects and activities and covered a wide range of responsibilities such as planning events and camps for groups of youth up to 350 people. In leading the choir group as a student conductor in her school, Amanda has actively equipped and invested in others with skills and knowledge. Prior to becoming a StrengthsFinder® Coach, Amanda worked in her local church for a few years and she was given many opportunities to hone her strengths to become a better planner, manager, and communicator. Having been involved in multiple training sessions and workshops with young people, the StrengthsFinder® tool has also come in very handy in helping her better understand the dynamics of each person she engages with. This has broadened her perspective towards people's talents.

In her own free time, Amanda volunteers and serves as a Youth Leader in her church. She enjoys singing and doing song performances. Amanda also goes on overseas expedition trips to serve other communities and to grow her own leadership. This has included trips to Hong Kong and different parts of Malaysia. 

Amanda's Top 5 StrengthsFinder® results: