Alicia Ng

Alicia is the Research and Development Analyst in Strengths School. As an Analyst, Alicia is responsible for website design and StrengthsFinder research, where she is actively engaged in her Strengths. Her Learner and Input talents have allowed her to understand and appreciate the fundamentals of StrengthsFinder and to actively apply them in the different areas of her life. She enjoys learning new things and is adept in absorbing new information and data. Prior to Strengths School, Alicia completed an internship during which she assisted specialists in studying and formulating flavourings. She has brought with her an inquisitive spirit, which is a big reason why she loves what she does in Strengths School.   

Alicia is a Strengths Advocate who is passionate to impact lives. As a Small Group Youth Leader in her church, Alicia actively uses her Strengths to engage the youths she leads. Her Communication talents allow her to effectively communicate as well as facilitate small group meetings. Her Harmony talents help her powerfully in forming relationships with the youth she meets.  

Alicia graduated from Temasek Polytechnic with a Diploma in Baking and Culinary Science.