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We use the StrengthsFinder® framework for all our programs. If you are new to StrengthsFinder®, click here.

ASEAN Strengths Education Summit 2016 Jason Ho Victor Seet (StrengthsFinder Singapore)

ASEAN Strengths Education Summit 2016

If you are an educator and interested in how StrengthsFinder can be used in your school or educational institute, join us for our ASEAN Strengths Education Summit 2016. 

To find out more, see ASEAN Strengths Education Summit 2016

Strengths for School Strengthsfinder

StrengthsFinder Leadership Program

STRENGTHS for SCHOOL™ aims to equip teachers and students in adopting a Strengths-based approach for Academic Excellence, Inter-Personal Relationships & Leadership Development. We aim to partner educators and parents to make every student an engaged learner.

To find out more, see Strengths for School™

Game Of Life StrengthsFinder Strengths School

GAME of Life™

The Game of Life™ is aimed at enriching the whole person, nurturing confidence to spur lifelong self-directed learning. Through knowing what might motivate their choices, participants learn to take greater ownership of them, growing to become active contributors to the communities that they are a part of. 

To find out more, see Game of LIFE™

Strengths Study Strategies™

We all study differently! That's a fact. Through our extensive research and work with schools in Singapore, we at Strengths School™ want to live out our purpose of seeing every generation to its full potential intentionally. This led us to create probably the world's 1st Strengths Study Strategies™. This comprehensive program unleashes the untapped motivation in students, empowering them to excel in their studies.

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