Course Outline

What do the top performers in each industry have in common? Through over 50 years of research, Gallup identified the two common elements of the highest performers: first, they know what they are good at; and secondly, they invest time and resources into becoming better at what they are already good at.

Our innate talents are like productivity powerhouses: they are vital in pushing teams and organizations to success. Through this course, participants will learn how to leverage on their StrengthsFinder profiles to better steer themselves and therefore their teams toward fulfilling greater organizational goals. Instead of adopting the practices of old which may or may not be relevant to the changing economic landscape, participants will identify the best practices for their specific strengths profiles and leverage on these to help their companies reach success.

Course Objectives

  • Understand Gallup’s success framework based on 50 years of research

  • Find out what their innate strengths are from the StrengthsFinder profiling tool

  • Evaluate how their strengths played a crucial role in the successes they have had in the past

  • Develop a roadmap to leverage their strengths towards professional success  


Date & Time

25th August 2017
10am - 6pm


The 3rd Space
China Square Central
18 Cross Street, #B1-05
Singapore 048423




Every course participant will receive:

  1. A Gallup CliftonStrengths Top 5 Access Code
  2. The Clifton StrengthsFinder 2.0 E-book
  3. A customised Strengths Tag with your Top 5
  4. StrengthsFinder® Coaching for Performance Course Materials

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Terms and Conditions

  • Once a participant signs up for the course and has made payment via the SkillsFuture portal or via cash/cheque/bank deposit, there will be a 50% cancellation fee if the participant wishes to withdraw for any reason two weeks before the start of the actual workshop.
  • There will be no refund if less than two weeks' notice is given for the cancellation.
  • If the participant is not able to attend the course on the actual day but has not given us two weeks' notice prior to the start of the workshop, the full course fees are still applicable and there will be no refund given.
  • If we do not reach the minimum number of participants to run the course, the course may be postponed to a later date. Should this be the case, we will contact the registered participants to make further arrangements.