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StudyGENIUS™ uses the StrengthsFinder® or StrengthsExplorer® framework to give students the key to motivation in studying.


What is this program's objective?

We all study in very different ways! For example, some students like to study alone, while others enjoy studying with a group of friends. Some students study best when they are outside (school, library, cafes) while others reach their optimum studying at home. And sometimes, we don't really know what exactly 'optimum' looks like.

Through our extensive research and work with schools in Singapore, we at Strengths School™ have come up with a framework to study based on your unique strengths. This comprehensive program unleashes the untapped motivation in students, empowering them to excel in their studies.

It is our belief at Strengths School™ to see every generation live out its full potential that led us to create probably the world's 1st strengths-based study strategies to help students from Sec 3 to tertiary students study smarter. This program aims to position students to excel in their school and later on their life. 

Check out our video testimonial of JC1 students going through our StudyGENIUS™ program: