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Strengths for BUSINESS StrengthsFinder

Employee engagement & Team building

Do you find it hard to engage your employees? Strengths for Business™ will help managers and leaders understand the innate talents that make your employees tick. With the K.A.L.P.™ Strengths System, you will be able to build better team relationships, increase team productivity, and eventually overall engagement.

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Strengths for School Strengthsfinder


STRENGTHS for SCHOOL™ aims to equip teachers and students in adopting a Strengths-based approach for Academic Excellence, Inter-Personal Relationships & Leadership Development. We aim to partner educators and parents to make every student an engaged learner.

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Game Of Life StrengthsFinder Strengths School


The Game of Life™ is aimed at enriching the whole person, nurturing confidence to spur lifelong self-directed learning. Through knowing what might motivate their choices, participants learn to take greater ownership of them, growing to become active contributors to the communities that they are a part of. 

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Singapore Strengths School StrengthsFinder Leadership Program


StrengthsFinder LEADERSHIP Program aims to empower student leaders to lead with their strengths. Leaders that are self-aware of what their greatest contribution is to the team can help others do the same. 

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We all study differently! That's a fact. Through our extensive research and work with schools in Singapore, we at Strengths School™ want to intentionally live out our purpose of seeing every generation to its full potential. This led us to create probably the world's 1st Strengths Study Strategies™. This comprehensive program unleashes the untapped motivation in students, empowering them to excel in their studies.

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LINK Program StrengthsFinder couple workshop


The LINK Program™ is a StrengthsFinder program created to improve partnership between couples. Whether you have been together for 3 months or 30 years, this program will bring both of you on a deeper journey of discovery. Rest assured that you'll learn things about your partner that would surprise you!

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