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"The StrengthsFinder coaching session with Jason from Strengths School allowed me to better understand my strengths, how I have subconsciously leveraged on some of these strengths in the past and how I can more deliberately use these key strengths to drive desired behaviors and successes for future performance."
Dennis Lim | Team Leader | Bloomberg


"I was given a list of my top StrengthsFinder strengths and was, with Jason’s help; able to identify the roles they played in my past and present achievements. More importantly, I learned to see my strengths as immediate solutions to specific problems and weaknesses, as well as instruments for future success."
Jonathan Poh | Fashion Editor | International Magazine


Victor asked thought-provoking and insightful questions, leading me to realize so much about myself. The 1-on-1 StrengthsFinder coaching sessions with Victor has benefitted me hugely, allowing me to gain an increased sense of confidence, knowing that I could be successful and lead others out of my strengths. I felt that through his questions, Victor was able to bring out the best in me and I felt empowered by the new insights I have gained. I highly recommend Victor as a personal coach for any aspiring individual desiring to live out their potential to the fullest!
Joycelin Ng, Probation Officer, MSF


My coaching session with Victor helped me to better understand and value the strengths that I have. He helped me to appreciate that leadership is multi-faceted and multi-dimensional compared to my previous understanding of good leaders possessing certain specific traits/strengths. Victor’s detailed explanations and suggestions of ways I can further develop my strengths and leverage them for success at my workplace, have shed much light for me. I now no longer focus on what I do not have. Rather, I yearn to be more conscious and sensitive to my strengths and my instinctive ways of thinking and interacting with others. Personally, I would say that his coaching has also made me a more positive person, as it helps me to recognize potential in others, instead of their lack. 
Charmain Han, HOD English, Eunos Primary School


In the 1-1 coaching, Victor displayed a strong working knowledge of my StrengthsFinder talent themes. He was able to explain clearly to me the power and edge of my strengths and how they can be applied to my work. He went further and helped me identify practical ways of applying my strengths in the critical aspects of my job scope. He is also a great motivator - inspiring me to prioritize the development of my strengths.
Peter Tan, Head of Youth Ministry, Church of Our Saviour


The coaching conversation with Victor was intellectually-stimulating to say the least. He didn't "spoon-feed" me with answers when we were talking about how to push myself to my fullest potential. Instead he dropped prompts along the way to help me through the thought processes. I was able to come to terms with my StrengthsFinder top 5 - that they weren't "lousy" strengths, and that they have contributed to making me who I am today. I remember going home that evening, feeling like I can truly own this journey of honing my strengths to be an even better version of myself than I already was.
Stephanie Chan, Research Assistant, Health Promotion Board


Victor was very helpful in guiding me to understand my StrengthsFinder strengths and how they work together. He also got me thinking about using my strengths not just to benefit myself, but to contribute to my community in a healthy manner. The session with him was eye-opening and it got me excited in using my strengths! 
Rachel Yong, NUS Year 4 Student


Victor was very perceptive and was able to accurately guide me to understand the motivations behind actions that I take for granted. The Strengthsfinder strengths that I assume "everybody" has, Victor was able to show instead how I am uniquely wired. It really doesn't take much for one to point out weaknesses. But having someone who is able to help me acknowledge, accept and own my strengths, that is rare. 
Grace Yew, Youth Worker, Boys’ Town Youth Reach


"Through my coaching session with Victor, he helped me understand with greater depth the value and power of my strengths. He also guided me in learning how my strengths can be used in different aspects of my life to be a more effective individual, and shed light on the baby steps that can taken. He also explained how the different strengths work together and can be made manifest in positive ways through his insight. I now feel equipped to harness these strengths, and apply them in my daily life! 
Gloria Pang, USP scholar and NUS student Year 4


A diamond does not start out polished and shining.

It all began when my friend shoved her smart phone into my hands over a casual supper and asked me to take some time to answer the questions I saw on the screen.  Strengthsfinder – Discover Your Top 5 Strengths, it read. Initially sceptical, I decided to just give it a shot and spend the money to get coached.  That is one shot that I have not regretted since.  And meeting my Strengthsfinder coach, Jason, has changed my life in ways that I never thought could be possible for a layperson like me. 

When I was a child, I had always been taught by my parents to revise the subjects that I had been weak in.  So of course I was puzzled when Jason from Strengths School told me that we were going to work on my strengths, instead of on my weaknesses.  And the journey has been nothing but eye-opening and fulfilling. Indeed, making a weakness less of a weakness is simply not as good as being the best you possibly can be at something.

Michelangelo once said – every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it. 

Thank you Jason, for being that sculptor, and for helping me discover the statue inside of me.  I cannot be more grateful to you, for helping me to be more self-aware, for helping me to see that what I thought were coincidences in my life were actually my strengths in action, and most importantly, for giving me a new direction to work towards in my future endeavours.
Lee Sue Lynn | Senior Teacher | The Learning Lab


Coming from a background in psychology, I have done many psychological tests and evaluations. While many have been illuminating, none have made me walk away feeling empowered to deal with the challenges life brings.  During my session with Jason from Strengths School, I felt assured about my next career move and enlightened about how to use my strengths to overcome difficulties I have in areas where I am lacking.
Much is to be said about Jason as a Strengthsfinder coach. His style of coaching has made me feel encouraged and moved to action with a deeper understanding for myself. 

I highly encourage everyone, even those who think they are self-actualized, to invest in a StrengthsFinder coaching session with Jason.
Jillian Chong | Zone Coordinator | ISM Canada


Meiling possesses the ability to advise and highlight the strengths and blind spots I have, and suggest methods on how to overcome these blind spots with my strengths. She is sensitive and sharp at the same time in that she linked situations I’ve described to her to the strengths that I did not realise I had. She also advised me on how I could enhance my overall behaviour towards work, and to adjust my inner expectations. Overall, I feel satisfied that I am able to have a clearer view of my strengths and apply all of the new insights to my work life.
Sherlee Choliluddin | Head of Human Resources (Former) | Singapore Red Cross


The StrengthsFinder coaching session with Meiling helped re-align my heart and direction in life. Meiling is an individual who invests in a deep connection with the people she coaches. The authenticity in our discussions and heartfelt conversations really struck me. I’m glad that the entire session felt like I was speaking with my elder sister. I enjoyed the sharing of personal stories in relation to the strengths we touched on. I love how it was a 2-way thing. I especially enjoyed it that there was lots of communication going on, and that there was a special connection that was really genuine! 10/10!”
Yap Chen Han | Youth Leader | Lighthouse Evangelism Church


Understanding StrengthsFinder and the interpretation is not an easy task. But after a session with Meiling, she distilled it into something that was easy to comprehend even for the untrained. Her friendly and caring personality eased the setting, allowing my wife and I to open up about ourselves freely. Her explanation of our StrengthsFinder profiles helped us understand our strengths better and how it could be used to improve our relationships both at home and in the workplace. Meiling is a good listener and has a good grasp of how the different strengths fit well with one another and when conflicts could arise. The way she packaged and delivered the findings to us was simple to understand, yet very insightful. 9/10!
Eugene Tan & Belle Wu

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