Millennial Retention with the Strengths Based Leadership Framework®

Course Outline

Millennials, the demographic cohort making up the bulk of today's workforce (born 1980's to early 2000's), can be somewhat of a mystery to their predecessors. Marked by high social connectivity and an increased familiarity with technology and new media, the millennial generation operates in a drastically different manner compared with the previous generations. Using Gallup's groundbreaking research report How Millennials Want to Work and Live (2016) as well as the Strengths-Based Leadership® Framework, participants will be equipped with new insights and a practical framework to lead this vibrant and dynamic generation.

Course Objectives

  • Know your top 5 StrengthsFinder themes and how they help you to lead better
  • Understand the needs of the millennial generation and how to better engage them in the workplace
  • Learn about the characteristics of today's older generations in the workplace
  • Understand how current organisational cultures support and hinder millennial employees
  • Learn how the Strengths paradigm can help bridge the gap towards the millennials
  • Learn how strengths can decipher the innate motivations of the millennials and how to leverage on these strengths
  • Experience demonstrations of how to do strengths-based coaching with a millennial
  • Learn how to build a strengths-based culture that can retain the millennial generation
  • Understand how millennials like to have conversations (frequency and type of conversations)
  • Gain perspective on how millennials want to work and live (pros and cons)

Date & Time

27 April 2017
10am - 6pm


The 3rd Space
China Square Central
18 Cross Street, #B1-05
Singapore 048423


$500 (no GST)
Special Introductory Rate: $400

Min. Participants to Run the Course



Every course participant will receive:

  1. A Clifton StrengthsFinder 2.0 Top 5 Assessment Code + Full 34 Unlock Code (worth S$135)
  2. The StrengthsFinder 2.0 e-book
  3. A customised Strengths Tag with your Top 5
  4. The Millennial Retention with the Strengths-Based Leadership® Framework Workbook

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