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Gideon Ren StrengthsFinder Coach Strengths School Singapore

Gideon is the World's 2nd Gold Gallup Certified StrengthsFinder® Coach and the Head of Schools Division in Strengths School™. Having been an educator himself for a number of years, Gideon brings valuable experience in the field of teaching and pedagogy and a great understanding of the education system in Singapore. Gideon’s teaching experiences include stints at Fairfield Methodist School (Secondary), Bukit Batok Secondary School, Admiralty Secondary School and Yuhua Secondary School. Beyond serving in schools, he was also involved with the Academy of Singapore Teachers to facilitate professional development sharings. Gideon strongly believes in education with a heart. He not only believes that every school is a good school, but he also believes that every school should be excellent.

Gideon has contributed extensively in areas of the school’s Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP), Student Leadership Development Committee as well as departmental work. Gideon has received numerous accolades during his time with the Ministry of Education in Singapore.

These include the:

  • MOE Outstanding Contribution Award (Individual) 2015 [awarded to the top 3% in the institution]
  • MOE Outstanding Contribution Award (Team), Humanities Department 2015
  • MOE Outstanding Contribution Award (Team), Youth Leadership Development Committee 2015
  • MOE Outstanding Contribution Award (Team), Life-Long Learning Programme Team 2015
  • MOE Long Service Award 2015
  • MOE Outstanding Contribution Award (Team), Youth Leadership Development Committee 2013

As a coach, Gideon is passionate about creating dynamic and enthusiastic school and classroom environments and he is adept in classroom engagements. He is a skillful facilitator and is extremely comfortable in engaging students in a workshop.

Gideon has also prior experiences with executive work with The Boys’ Brigade Headquarters in Singapore. He was instrumental in helping to plan and execute Boys’ Brigade programmes at the national level and in mobilizing and mentoring youth for the different Boys’ Brigade projects. In his free time, Gideon continues to focus in the area of youth development by mentoring youth and young adults in meeting their developmental goals. He serves as a volunteer leader weekly in his church. Gideon is also passionate about using the platform of community outreach to mentor young people. He has led teams to numerous overseas expedition trips to countries like Malaysia, Thailand and The Philippines.

Gideon is an active person who enjoys running, as well as soccer. He has completed numerous marathons, as well as led Official Pace Teams for Standard Chartered Singapore Marathons. It is with the very same passion, that he hopes to help as many people as possible, to actualize their aspirations by using their talents and strengths. Being the Learner he is, Gideon is currently also pursuing a Master’s degree in Divinity. 

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