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DestinyGENIUS™ is a structured interactive experience that brings participants to a place of self-examination and awareness on how their choices are made.


These can include:
• Educational choices
• Career choices
• Social choices

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It creates opportunities for participants to consider what constitutes responsible decision-making while managing relationships. 

The Game of Life™ can be integrated with leadership models such as the The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership Model or Strengths-Based Leadership Model.


The Game of Life™ is aimed at enriching the whole person, nurturing confidence to spur lifelong self-directed learning. Through knowing what might motivate their choices, participants learn to take greater ownership of them, growing to become active contributors to the communities that they are a part of. Debriefing the experience as part of the program encourages participants to contemplate what it means to effectively manage and lead oneself.

Tasks within the Game of Life™ are designed to stimulate creative and inventive thinking and draw out participants' communicative skills, even if it manifests differently for different individuals. 

Who is this program suitable for?

This program is designed for students from Secondary 1 to Tertiary level. Specific outcomes can be customized to align with specific goals and objectives of the intended group. The whole program lasts 4 hours (inclusive of debrief session). The debrief is done in small groups by trained facilitators.



Teacher's Testimonial on the 'Game of Life™'


“I learn that I must not give up on something so easily. I must continue to work hard to achieve my goal. Very good program, 10/10!”
— Shyaril | Sec 4 Student (Marsiling Sec)
“From the Game of Life, I now realized I have to prepare for my future starting from now. I did not realize this before. Great workshop! 10/10!”
— Mohamed Shahim Shah | Sec 4 Student (Marsiling Sec)
“Thanks to the Game, I feel like the vision of what I want to achieve in life is clearer now. Awesome! 10/10!”
— Salini | Sec 4 Student (Marsiling Sec)
“I feel proud that I did to not give up when I face obstacles in the Game and I kept going. I feel the way I played the game is really how I will be like in real life. This game for me is 10/10!”
— Rahmat Bin Sufaah | Sec 4 student (Marsiling Sec)

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