Charissa Ee

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Charissa Ee | Certified StrengthsFinder Coach | Strengths Coach at Strengths School™ Singapore

Charissa Ee | Certified StrengthsFinder Coach | Strengths Coach at Strengths School™ Singapore

As a Gallup Certified StrengthsFinder® Coach based in Singapore, Charissa brings a wealth of experience and knowledge in both the corporate and public sector. Her vast experience in Management, Communications, Public Relations and Customer Relations has given her a strong foundation in her ability to meet a client’s needs, understand service excellence and the value of productivity. 

In addition to her experience in the private sector, Charissa has also been influential in shaping public policy in Singapore. She has served as a board member on National Youth Council and was the co-Chairperson for the Advisory Panel that was instrumental for the idea and development of *SCAPE. *SCAPE is an initiative of Singapore’s government for youth development and engagement.

Through her various roles in her career, Charissa has had to lead, manage and collaborate with teams cross-culturally in Hong Kong, China, United Kingdom, the United States of America, Taiwan and Korea.

Charissa has successfully led StrengthsFinder® workshops and coaching programs for organizations such as Johnson & Johnson, Singapore Tourism Board, Herbalife, AIA, National University of Singapore, Lee Kuan Yew of Public Policy. She has also led StrengthsFinder® workshops for numerous educational institutions. 

Of all the profiling tools, Charissa chose to specialize using StrengthsFinder® as a tool because she has successfully led her team to attain high performance through increasing productivity and profit in the span of 10 months. Her personal success is her conviction and drive to help individuals succeed in their lives.

Charissa’s belief in coaching stems from her experience having a coach in each stage of her professional and personal life.  Her great conviction for StrengthsFinder® is deeply rooted in her exposure to positive psychology at a young age. Her experience fuels her belief that everyone has untapped potential yet to be discovered, whether you’re 9 or 90. 

As a StrengthsFinder® coach, Charissa is highly relational. Many of her clients have left their coaching sessions feeling empowered with newfound insight on how they can successfully overcome their challenges. Her ability to reach out to individuals in workshops help to give participants the 1-1 attention even in a group setting.

In her free time, Charissa is an active volunteer with Save Our Street Dogs (SOSD), a local shelter for stray dogs. She helps to foster newly rescued strays by training and rehabilitating them to become well-adjusted dogs in urban Singapore. Her talent theme of Command has been key in her success in rehabilitating and training dogs that are difficult to rehome. Recognizing Charissa’s strengths in leadership, coaching and content development, the shelter has approached her to develop a foster training and coaching program that will benefit the entire pool of volunteers in the rehoming team.

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