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Do you find it hard to engage your employees? Strengths for business will help managers and leaders understand the innate talents that make your employees tick. Employing the K.A.L.P Strengths System, you will be able to build better team relationships, increase team productivity and eventually overall engagement.


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The workshop was excellent and the feedback from all the team members was that it was one of the most valuable workshops they have been a part of. The concepts and team exercises certainly helped the teams to grasp the strengths-based thinking, as well as enabled the team leads to get a closer view of their team dynamics, diversity and strengths.
— Saurabh Mandal | Head – Supply Chain | VF Brands India Pvt Ltd
The workshop went down very well with everyone and it struck me that they actually delivered a near-perfect and flawless session. The session was very balanced, well-paced and well-organized. Most importantly, what really shone through were Victor’s and Jason’s mastery of and deep passion for the subject matter: they were clearly seasoned facilitators who had thought through the subject matter from many different perspectives. Their sessions were peppered with personal (and often hilarious) anecdotes that the team found to be very helpful and relevant.
— Wong Rin Rin | Legal Director & Associate General Counsel, Asia Pacific | Adobe Systems Pte Ltd
Through this workshop, I gained a greater understanding of my team and myself personally. I learned about the infancy and maturity stages of my strengths, and the Q12 Employee Engagement Survey was a very effective tool in equipping me and my team to do our best and increase performance. It was a very enjoyable session: interactive, well-facilitated, and practical for our entire team.
— Patrick Holt | President | Cardinal Health Medical Products, Asia-Pacific
The various workshop exercises helped me understand my strengths better & explains my behavior. Also good eye-opener in terms of what drives my colleagues “crazy”! This gives guidance to what I need to do to improve. An insightful program that provides simple, practical ways to leverage on my own & others’ strengths.
— Lawrence Chia | Vice President HR | Singapore Press Holdings
The workshop helped me understand my own strengths and gave a good framework for the team to understand each other. The trainers were able to articulate and facilitate the session well and were able to relate to the needs of the team. Great work!
— Poh Chi Chuan | Director | Singapore Tourism Board
This is one of the best workshops I have taken. By knowing others’ strengths allow me to work better with them. I also greatly enjoy appreciating the diversity of people and celebrating all our strengths together. 9/10!
— Michaela Cortez | Senior Director, Asia Pacific Lead | Johnson & Johnson
“I typically do not like workshops but I thought this session was very valuable and engaging. I enjoyed getting to know the team better through the different group interactions. This workshop is definitely engaging and fun. 9/10!”
— Demetrios Marantis | Senior Vice President (Global GR) | Visa Worldwide
The greatest benefit was knowing my strengths better (how they play out positively in their maturity and negatively in their infancy), as well as relating certain incidences in the past to my colleagues and ways to better deal with situations. I think this workshop should be conducted as early as possible with any new employee, because it helps a lot with self-enlightenment! The training pace was comfortable and not straining, allowing us to absorb the learning/knowledge. 9/10!
— Calvin Lee | Senior Manager, Consumer Marketing | AIA Marketing
The workshop helped me understand my own strengths and the importance of knowing how to capitalize on them, whether at work or on a personal basis. The Strengthsfinder workshop is different from any others in that the content covered focused on strengths rather than weaknesses. The trainers were engaging and able to capture the audience’s attention very well. Great job!
— Joanne Chia | Assistant Director | Workforce Development Agency


Each coach is passionate in how we use the StrengthsFinder philosophy to impact every generation. 


Jason Ho
Founder • Principal Strengths Coach

SouthEast Asia's 1st Gallup Certified StrengthsFinder® & Platinum Coach 


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Victor Seet
Founder • Principal Strengths Coach

World's 1st Gold Gallup Certified 


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Mandy Lin
Corporate Advisory• Strengths Coach

Gallup Certified


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Meiling Tan
Learning & Development • Strengths Coach

Gallup Certified



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